Eddie Wu


Eddie Wu grew up in So St Paul, MN.  He started working in restaurants washing dishes when he was 14 years old at Drover’s Inn in So St Paul.  From there he became a prep cook, a pantry cook, and a line cook.  After high school he joined the Marines for 5 years.  He got out of the Marines and went back to the service industry while attending college.  His Marine leadership and restaurant knowledge made it easy for him to transition to restaurant management.  He lived in Denver, CO of 6 years where he managed many different types of places from a food delivery service, a bar, a night club, to a corporate cafeteria.  In 2009 he moved back to St Paul to start his family.  Since he has been back in St Paul he did a 1 year apprenticeship at Sole Cafe in order to learn from the best Korean Chef in Minnesota.  He has taken his restaurant background and combined it with his love of Korean food to open up Cook St Paul.



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As we welcome the new year, we also welcome a new chef at Cook St Paul. Most recently at Tilia and with 20+ kitchen years under his belt, this Minnesota native, drummer, and diner aficionado is excited to bring his knowledge and creativity to Cook St. Paul. 

Stay tuned for new seasonal menus and specials.

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